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Brilliant Brush Gallery is a registered company with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission established a few years ago by our Chairman, Mr. Kennedy Anyiam-Osigwe a passionate Art lover and enthusiast who for several years before that, himself in the last two decades; has been an avid collector of works of Art around the globe. It was this passion for Art that gracefully yielded itself to the establishment of the Gallery and all its pursuits today.

Kennedy Anyiam-Osigwe is an Art enthusiast, is part of the leadership of several entities, as well as on the Board of several Organizations, both local and international; himself a lawyer, an Inner Temple Barrister of England as well as a Barrister of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, ably equipping him as the presiding Principal Partner of the Law Firm of Anyiam-Osigwe & Co. Legal Practitioners and Consultants, (Wisdom Chambers); he is also, one of the key Trustees of the esteemed Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation. Details of the Foundation of which will be found at, and as well as on the Board of Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions Ltd, a Honeywell International Company of the U.S; a fortune 100 global  Company. In over two decades the Foundation has played Host to several world leaders; Serving Presidents inclusive, who have come to Nigeria to deliver Key Note Lectures at the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation Lecture Series aimed at promulgating the thoughts of the Patriarch of the Family, Emmanuel Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe; posthumously, now considered a Sage Philosopher.


The Gallery Brilliant Brush is in the business of promoting and developing African art and its artists, with emphasis on Nigerian works, which it does through local and International Fairs, Exhibitions, Auctions and other forms of art promotional endeavors. This way it continues to play a key role in showcasing the skills and talents of African art and artists and in particular, Nigerian creative capacity and industry. We have equipped ourselves with such skill sets so as to develop initiatives and strategies towards enhancing art works and its appreciation generally for both individuals and Corporate alike and thereby encouraging the growth and sustenance of art and art Practice generally. We continue to seek to identify great talents within the African Continent wherever we find them and endeavor to promote them the best we can. This way, we contribute our little quota in development within the Art space both locally and globally.


As an Art House, through various mediums, strategies and outlets, our primary focus has been to assist in equipping individuals and corporate entities alike, with a view to deepen their appreciation for art and as such encourage them to acquire desired art works and solutions in accordance with their identified art tastes and themes. Either simply for their appreciation by way of their beauty or for purposes of investment opportunities and its potentials. We align our services with great identified talents in the art creative industry and or with those with such promise; whom we continually promote through our own protocols. We develop new skills and knowledge essential for driving competition in the widest of the art market, as well as deepen and strengthen others deserving of our support in such regard. Our range of visual arts services extends, not just to the interest of serving that of the “one-off” purchaser or individual enthusiast in pursuit of an Art Work or Works, but also that of the corporate entities that seek strategic alliance and or support in planning its own unique collection and or its own art solutions. Within this client space and services, we engage in international best practices, bringing along such aesthetics and sophistication second to none in the industry. This remains our discipline towards total client satisfaction.


In our service delivery we try to push the envelope, seeking to positively agitate the mind of every individual as well as corporate; towards encouraging all to deepen their appreciation and interest in Art. In this regard, we try to satisfy every such passion be it for the disciplined art enthusiast and passionate collector or for the rather passive individual seeking to find their space within this sector. We encourage you to make the right choices based on our professional assessment of where you might be sitting in this personal journey. For entities, we are of the firm view that that they equally have a “soul”, what might be loosely termed their brand and where our counsel is sort and in line with their art choice; we carefully associate ourselves with and align ourselves accordingly. This way, we assist them better define their space and stamp their brand as entities. This way, post our involvement, we assist all; individuals and entities alike to have a healthier all round art experience. We seek to ensure that these works do not just reflect mere decorative pieces and ornaments, but are symbolic, representative and conceptual; speaking richly of the personality of such individuals and in that of an entity, that of its culture and brand.


At Brilliant Brush, the Works promoted and sponsored by us are carefully scrutinized and selected by us with regards to their conformity with standards, usually rendered in different media, ranging from; Acrylic, Oil Color, Mixed Media, inter alia, conforming to the highest standards of production, project design and specifications; in line with such identified taste, choice and preferences. For Corporate, we have equally developed a few Products we consider advantageous in our current clime; ones, we believe our customers should find not only interesting but productive and acceptable, yielding untold benefits, both in terms of image and overall customer satisfaction. At all times, we ensure a rendition of service delivered within decided budgets and ensuring compliance with individual tastes and in conformity with individual’s taste and corporates respective brands.                                                                 Trusting you appreciate them; attached is a collection of some of the paintings in our stable for your viewing. Towards acquisition of works, we offer Private Viewing options; through our Private Boutique Viewing (PBV) experience, a unique product of ours. Here our staff will call at your premises on a scheduled or specific appointment, at a pre-determined time and date at your very instance, for us to physically set up a few of our collections of paintings for display at your said residence or office, for your private and personal viewing and appreciation, towards your possible selection and purchase of any of the works. This would usually be limited to a number not exceeding 30 Works at a given time on private display, the number of which will only be determined by your own space and choice. Once set up, the viewing would be for just about an hour but could be more should you seek to utilize it as a form of entertainment for friends and guests, which the product equally accommodates. This service seeks to accommodate the busy schedules of potential customers who may be constrained by time in personally calling at our Gallery. The beauty of this product is that it can be quite precise, furthermore, the entire exercise is simply one done in the comfort of your own very home or office. Which could equally double as an opportunity for you to entertain a few close friends and or contacts of yours, who may be Art lovers over light refreshments and music, should you so choose; a form of hospitality offering for possible clients and friends.


The other Product we have, is the one we term “Say it with a Painting”. This Product seeks to accommodate your numerous occasional and or seasonal gifts. It involves saying good bye to the old mundane ways and style of giving away gifts, such as hampers and the like, which lack impact and certainly not enduring and most times fall far short of generating the desired appreciation by way of outcomes. Here, you are merely reminded that Art works are far more enriching and enduring and usually reflects “food for the soul”; as Art is life. Even for the non-art lovers or enthusiast, the story remains largely the same. In this space, you are simply encouraged to express your appreciation the more, your love and gifts, just through gifting a Paintings for the benefit of the recipient. The truth remains that years later, that same very gift of a painting remains intact with the fond memory created by it, which despite the lapse of time, largely remains indelible in the mind of its recipient by way of appreciation.


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